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S I D E B A R R E x Citrus Experience 

Babes! It's happening!

An energetic collaboration on a mindFULL adventure, creators of SideBarre and Citrus Experience- invite you on their journey of being mindFULL! Hand in hand, this limited series will provide practical holistic tips on the mind and body, so you can embrace your ever growing vitality.

Meet Lex -

Alexa Hailes also known as “Lex" is the fired-up founder of Citrus Experience - a platform dedicated to vibrant soul work. Their mission rests on reminding you to breathe - so you can create more, love more, and stress less! Elated to share vibrant meditation offerings, Citrus Experience emphasizes authenticity through their medicine, for the cherry on top. 

Let's be MindFULL!

we'll be in touch! <3

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