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floral smudge sticks

Burning flowers and herbs is an longstanding self-care practice that is shared throughout cultures since the beginning of human history. Ancient Egyptians burned flowers for their aroma, using them similarly to how we use incenses now, and the French burned thyme throughout their hospitals throughout the 1700s to cleanse the facilities' air from toxins and impurities. The Ksquared Flowers Floral Smudge Sticks are bundled in Washington, DC with herbs and local flowers like sage, which is burned to protect negative energies from absorbing your space, and roses and other flowers which are burned to promote prosperity. Smudging is a ritualistic act that is grounding and intentional promotion for healthy self-care.

List of benefits

- cleanses crystals and gems

- clears negative and lingering energies from the atmosphere

- soothes stress and anxiety


1. Light the even-cut end of your floral smudge stick.

2. Allow the fire to burn the stems for a few seconds, until they are inflamed and red.

3. Walk around your home, office, and favorite spaces and/or people, waving your Floral Smudge Stick. The thick smoke that exhausts from the Stick is "smudge".

4. Tap out in a ceramic dish for later use.

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Kehmari, Founder