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let's get your fridge organized!

Getting organized is a goal that many people set out to achieve because getting rid of items that no longer serve a purpose, throwing away broken items, and setting up organized systems to easily locate items can enhance your mood and be a stress reliever. However, one of the spaces within your home that you may have overlooked when it comes to organizing is your refrigerator. And if you have ever gone down the Instagram and Pinterest rabbit hole, then I’m sure that many of you have viewed pages of beautifully, organized refrigerators while scrolling and probably thought to yourself, why is an organized refrigerator really necessary?

Well, as an Organizing and Lifestyle Enthusiast and just someone who enjoys all things organized, I’m here to share with you that an organized refrigerator can encourage you to make healthier eating choices and reduce food waste.

Reduces Food Waste

An organized fridge can help with reducing food waste. For example, if you go through your refrigerator and check the expiration dates of your food items, it’s very likely that you may come across items that have already expired or are very close to expiring. However, grouping food items together by their expiration date can serve as a helpful reminder to consume and use up those food items first before they reach their expiration date. So, while you’re home, be sure to clean out your fridge and discard anything that may have expired. For the items that are close to expiring then group them together by using a bin or container like the one pictured and label when they’re expected to expire. When I started implementing this tip, I saw a significant reduction in food waste. Plus, it can be disappointing to have your taste buds ready to indulge in a particular food item or use some type of a condiment only to discover that you can’t because it's gone bad.

Promotes Healthy Eating

As the saying goes, health is wealth and making healthy eating choices while consistently working out can have a great impact on your well being. This is really important since people of color tend to experience heart disease at a higher rate especially women. So, stocking your fridge with a variety of fruits and vegetables is essential. I recommend separating your produce by type and storing them securely inside of Ziploc bags. Be sure to write on the bag, the contents inside, so that you can easily grab what you need when it’s time to prepare a meal. For example, if you want to make a salad or cook some spinach you won’t have to search throughout the entire fridge because you know what produce was stored and where. If you don’t want to store produce inside of a bag then there’s also the option of using refrigerator bins. It doesn’t matter which organizing solution you decide upon because both methods can help you maintain a clean fridge all while prompting you to eat healthy.

Another way to increase your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables, and other additional nutrients is to convert them into smoothies. If you find yourself making more than enough but want to still enjoy the smoothie later, then I recommend utilizing mason jars. They’re a great way to conceal and store a smoothie and you can label the flavor of the smoothie and include a date that the smoothie should be consumed by. The mason jars help to contain the smoothie as opposed to leaving it inside of a blender or Nutribullet uncovered which could lead to creating a mess inside of the fridge.

In life, there are many things we may not be able to control but organizing is not one of them. You are in control of your space and can take the initiative to organize it in a way that flows and makes you happy to dwell in. Take some time to edit your refrigerator space and organize it in a way that is conducive to the way you live while promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Written by Jakia, of SoleOrganizer


Instagram: @soleorganizer