With the Coronavirus raising havoc around the world, you want to have a supply of things handy. If you’re not sure of what to stock your pantry and fridge with, here are some super versatile ingredients and necessities!

For the Pantry

  • Dried pasta and noodles

    • You should ALWAYS have pasta or dried noodles on hand! It’s a staple that I always have in my pantry. Pasta in every shape for whatever I’m in the mood for. Spaghetti, elbow, farfalle, angel hair, you name it! I also keep the quick, instant Asian-style noodles on hand too. The spicy, instant ramen will ALWAYS be my lazy, go-to lunch!

  • Canned vegetables - especially tomatoes, chickpeas, and beans

    • Of course, canned veggies are a MUST - not just during a pandemic. Whenever I stop at the grocery store, I like to always pick up a can of tomatoes (diced/plum/sauce/etc.) because I’m a pasta-holic. You can use it for any and everything. Chickpeas are great too - add it in to make a quick curry, blend it with some olive oil and herbs to make hummus, or simply roast them and eat them as a snack! 

  • Baking staples (flour, sugar, baking soda & powder)

    • Flour (any kind) is another must have. Even if you don’t like to bake, you can use it to make a roux for mac & cheese, or gumbo if you’re feeling fancy! Sugar isn’t just for desserts either! 

  • Other items to always keep handy:

    • Olive Oil

    • Kosher Salt

    • Soy Sauce

    • Stock/Broth (chicken, beef, vegetable)

    • Chocolate 

These are just some things that every home should have in their pantry. Being able to use these simple ingredients in multiple ways is key during a pandemic! The possibilities are endless!

For the Fridge/Freezer

  • Eggs

    • Probably the thing I run out of the quickest in my house - eggs. I eat them for breakfast, I use them for desserts, I use them to bake snacks. It’s so important to keep eggs handy.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar

    • ACV is amazing - not just for cooking but has health benefits too! I use a little to marinate poultry or to make a quick vinaigrette. To boost your immune system, dilute a spoonful with water and drink in the morning!

  • Herbs

    • Now herbs can be hard to keep fresh for a long period of time but putting them in your refrigerator extends the freshness. Basil, parsley, cilantro, dill, rosemary - ALL OF IT! A lot of my cooking involves a handful of herbs both for prep and garnishing. They add an amazing flavor too! 

  • Other items to always keep handy:

    • Yogurt (especially ladies + it’s amazing for sauces!)

    • Spinach/Peas/Any green vegetable (frozen veggies are great!)

    • Frozen fruits (my faves are mangoes, peaches and raspberries)

    • Butter (good to freeze too!)